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Our Activated Cannabinoid Balm is the Bomb

Introducing Maui Grown’s New Topical Product

Got pain? Good news–our new Activated Cannabinoid Balm (ACB) is here to save the day. ACB delivers powerful anti-inflammatory relief from the aches and pains of neuropathy, arthritis, and old injuries by combining the superpowers of activated cannabinoids and cannabimimetic compounds.

activated cannabinoid balm

Maui Grown Therapies Activated Cannabinoid Balm

Cannabimimetic? What’s that? 

Many plants contain compounds that mimic the action of cannabinoids even though they have different structures. Common examples are black pepper, echinacea, cacao, and kava. Throughout Polynesia, the roots of the kava plant (ʻawa in Hawaiʻi) are prepared to make a popular beverage that alleviates anxiety, pain, and insomnia (sound familiar?). ʻAwa contains compounds called kavalactones that interact with your CB1 receptor as cannabis does—this is cannabimimetic action. Learn more from Project CBD.

What’s in Maui Grown’s ACB?

All of ACB’s natural ingredients are plant-derived:

Pure CBD Oil is extracted from Maui Grown’s CBD-rich flowers using clean and safe CO2 technology. CBD activates the human CB2 receptor to target inflammation. Studies reveal that CBD applied topically can help to reduce neuropathic and arthritic pain. Learn more from Harvard Health Publishing.

Black Pepper Oil contains two important compounds that boost ACB’s analgesic effect. Piperine helps to relieve pain, while the terpene Beta-caryophyllene activates the CB2 receptor to reduce inflammation.

Sweet Birch Oil is a botanical extract that contains methyl salicylates, commonly used in topical pain relief products like Aspercreme. Some of North America’s First Nations healers made poultices and pastes from Sweet Birch bark to relieve pain and swelling. Its pleasant aroma is sometimes confused with wintergreen or menthol. NOTE: If allergic to aspirin, or if taking blood thinners (i.e. Warafin), we recommend you do not use ACB.

Organic Shea Butter is made from the oily nuts of the African shea tree and provides a perfect base for ACB’s oil-soluble compounds.

Easy to Use

Simply apply ACB to clean, dry skin surrounding the affected area. A little goes a long way. Give it some time to be absorbed through the skin. Patients report pain relief within 5-20 minutes. Re-apply as needed. Expect a subtle warming and cooling effect on the skin. Patients with sensitive skin should discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Effective & Affordable

One hundred percent of Maui Grown patients who tried ACB reported relief from both pain and inflammation. ACB is a more affordable option (than our more concentrated serums) for those who find topical formulations play a valuable role in their natural pain management regimen. We think you’ll agree that our new balm is the bomb!