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Introducing Kula Cherries


Bred by Maui Grown over the past 3 years, Kula Cherries has been optimized for production in Kula’s unique microclimate.

Just an hour of watching the nightly news can make a Zen monk feel anxious these days. Cannabis is often the “go-to” remedy for anxiety, but many are discovering that high THC strains can actually aggravate unwelcome angst.

The secret is to find a cultivar with a high CBD to THC ratio to help take the edge off. It may be the right time for you to try Kula Cherries, the flower, not the tincture.

With a remarkable 36:1, CBD:THC ratio and a distinctive entourage of many terpenes, patients report it consistently unpacks a host of medicinal benefits including relief from general pain, neuropathic pain, inflammation and muscle spasticity. Of most appeal during these uncertain times, patients also report mood improvement and a noticeable reduction in anxiety…a refreshing sigh of relief.

CBD Terpenes Profile

Terpenes profile chart

Low-THC, high-CBD cannabis flower isn’t commonly found in most dispensaries because many mistakenly believe that THC content is an indicator of quality.  Michael Backes, the author of Cannabis Pharmacy and member of Maui Grown’s Science & Medical Advisory Board, equates buying cannabis according to THC content to buying a fine wine based upon alcohol content. Neither the quality nor efficacy of cannabis is dependent upon its THC content. It’s important to understand that breeding strains to produce the highest possible THC content can come at the expense of diversity and nuanced effects.

For those who don’t react well to THC, Kula Cherries may become your new “go-to” cultivar. Those who use cannabis to relax, but find their mind spinning after using a high-THC cultivar will enjoy the mellow, relaxing and pain-relieving effects of CBD without the impairment. Yes, life can be a bowl of Kula Cherries, even during these times.