In ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi, the word kōkua means assistance.

As a patient-centered company, Maui Grown Therapies knows that some of our patients could use our assistance.

The FDA does not sanction cannabis therapy, so medical cannabis patients are not reimbursed by their medical insurance providers. Our Kōkua program is a way for us to help patients to better afford their medical cannabis therapy.

Kōkua Program participants will receive a 20 percent discount off their purchases on any day of the week. Qualifying is simple. Just bring in proof of participation in one or more the following:

  • SSI disability income
  • State of Hawaiʻi SNAP
  • WIC program
  • Med-Quest
  • Patients under 18
  • Patients enrolled in Hospice care
  • Patients must provide a valid card or letter from the qualifying program to be enrolled in our Kōkua program.

*Mahalo for understanding the Kōkua Program discount is not combinable with special promotional pricing.