FAQs About The Hui Loyalty Rewards Program

What Happened To My Dollar Vouchers?
Members of the original Hui loyalty program will have any points and dollar vouchers transferred over to the new
program. These vouchers will be redeemable until 09/30. We asked our patients what they valued most in a loyalty
program and were amazed to see that out of hundreds of responses none indicated the dollar vouchers. In response
to patient feedback, we’ve replaced the vouchers with a more generous points for products program.
What Happened To Your Regular Daily Deals & Promotions
We asked our patients what they wanted most out of a loyalty program. It was clear from the results that patients
wanted flexible, everyday savings. That means, though our daily deals and promotions were generous we recognize they
were not always relevant to all our patients nor were they always convenient being tied to certain days of week. Visit our
order page to see the generous daily, flexible savings.
Will Your Have Any Promotions Outside of the New Everyday Savings & Points for Products Program?
We’ve upgraded our loyalty software. That means in addition to new flexible daily savings, we can also periodically offer
personalized deals that are relevant to you via the new Hui loyalty program app!

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