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We’ve long shared your concerns about the environmental impact of plastic on our island home, so we’re thrilled to announce we’ve found a compliant, earth-friendly alternative.

Hawaiʻi’s medical cannabis program is highly regulated to ensure product, patient and public safety. Regulations require cannabis packaging to be both childproof and opaque. Until now, that has meant mostly plastic bottles and jars.

But Maui Grown Therapies is committed to environmental stewardship, so we’ll be phasing in new compostable packaging. Watch for the rollout with gram-sized flower purchases.

MGT COMPOSTABLE PACKAGINGWe like the compostable bags’ easy-tear opening, reclosable zipper and exceptional strength. Because the bags supply such an excellent oxygen and moisture barrier, you can safely keep your flower in any cool, dry place at home. For longer storage, the bags are also freezer-safe.

Made from remarkably durable bio-based materials, the new bags are free of bisphenol (including BPA and other derivatives) and phthalates. Bio-based materials are made mostly of renewable domestic agricultural materials or forestry materials.

Compostable means the bag can break down into carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds and biomass in small pieces in about 90 days. Just remember to remove the label before composting your bag like any other organic waste.

Some special closing words to those with young children in the house:

The compostable bag is childproof upon purchase, but not after opening. The zipper closure will keep the contents safe, but to keep children safe, always store your dispensary purchases in a secure, childproof container kept far from the reach of minors.

Chat with us to share your opinion of the new compostable bags. We love to hear from you.