What’s Hot? Cold Pressed Extracts

September 10, 2020


Maui Grown Therapies has long dispensed the cleanest, purest cannabis products, so in keeping with that tradition, we now introduce our new line of Cold Pressed Extracts (CPEs).

How We Make Our CPEs:

Maui Grown uses advanced cryo-mechanical separation methods to produce our CPEs from our cannabis plants grown organically in living soil.

Cryo-mechanical separation is a unique process that simultaneously applies very high pressures with frigid temperatures. Absolutely no heat, water, gas or chemical solvents are used. This solventless process leaves the original, unaltered cannabinoids and terpenes intact. Our CPEs take on a variety of consistencies and potencies that deliver intense natural flavors and distinctive medicinal effects.

Why Use CPEs?

Cold Pressed Extracts offer more potent forms of cannabis with greater bioavailability, meaning faster onset of effects. CPEs are suggested for those patients with a greater tolerance to THC resulting from long-term cannabis use to manage conditions like severe pain, acute nausea, cancer, HIV/ AIDS, and any type of wasting syndrome. The effects of a CPE can last anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, depending upon the individual.

Types of Maui Grown CPEs

We offer five distinct types of CPEs that differ by separation processes used. Some take on a ‘batter-like’ consistency, while others have the color and consistency of wildflower honey. The name applied to each type serves as a rough guide to what patients can expect.

CP Oil– Cryo-mechanical extract of dried cannabis flowers. The final product is usually dark brown with an oily or resinous consistency.

CP Batter– Cryo-mechanical extract of dried cannabis trichomes. It is typically is lighter colored with a batter or wax-like consistency.

CP Sauce– Cryo-mechanical extract of dried trichome heads. Final product resembles THCA crystals suspended in a mixture of terpenes.

CP Jam– Cryo-mechanical extract of whole fresh frozen cannabis flowers; the final product is typically amber-colored with a thick, jam-like consistency and high potency.

CP Honey– Reserved for the cannabis connoisseur and made from our heirloom/exotic cultivars. Cyro–mechanical extract of fresh frozen trichome heads. Final product is very thick, golden in color and has very high potency. Available only in limited batches.

How to Use CPEs

We recommend using a safe pulmonary administration device (vaporizer) to consume CPEs. Any vaporizing device compatible with “concentrates” should work with our new CPE line. A device that will work well with any type of CPE product is the Puffco Plus, which can be found at: www.puffco.com/products/puffco-plus You may also add CPEs to cannabis flower before inhalation.

As always, start low and go slow. Apply an amount of CPE no larger than a matchstick head directly into the concentrate chamber of your device or on your flower. Because of higher potency, wait until the effects of the first dose are fully felt before consuming more. Pure, highly concentrated Cold Press Extracts offer a fast, efficient path to relief from pain and chronic medical conditions. And that’s why they’re so hot!


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