Celebrating Four Years For Maui

August 4, 2021


On August 8, 2017, Maui Grown Therapies became the first medical cannabis dispensary in Hawai`i to serve registered patients. Since opening day we have continued to lead the industry with innovations in cultivation, product development, processing, manufacturing, renewable energy, water conservation, patient relations, and educational services. MGT’s commitment to continuous innovation is reflected in the following achievements on behalf of Hawai`i’s cannabis patients:

  • The first and only MedCan licensee to receive the highest scoring application for a medical cannabis license in Hawai`i.
  • The first and only MedCan licensee to conduct zero-emission cultivation and manufacturing operations using 100% solar power.
  • The first and only MedCan licensee to assemble a Science and Medical Advisory Board comprised of world-renowned researchers and physicians in integrative medicine and cannabis therapies.
  • The first and only MedCan licensee to systematically analyze patient data to formulate symptom-specific product formulations featuring rare cannabinoids.
  • The first in the state to deliver safe pulmonary administration (“SPA”) options to patients.
  • The first in the state to deliver non-intoxicating cannabis formulations to patients.
  • The first in the state to pivot to a highly controlled, express pick-up model during the pandemic to ensure a safe dispensing environment and uninterrupted product access for Maui’s cannabis patients.
  • The first and only in the state to amass over 3,000 near-perfect ratings from our patients for delivering exceptional products and service to our community.

Together we have served our community with imagination, compassion, and distinction these past four years. As impressive as our list of firsts are so far, we are still in the very early stages of discovering the therapeutic potential of our plants, our products, and our people.

We are very grateful to you, our Maui Grown patients, for your loyalty and trust over these past four years. To celebrate our anniversary, we are delighted to offer four days of exciting product specials at our Kahului and Lahaina locations starting Thursday, August 5 through our official anniversary on Sunday, August 8.

We are looking forward to continuing to meet your medical cannabis needs in the years to come.

David C. Cole

Co-founder & General Manager

Gregory Park, MD

Co-founder & Chief Compliance Officer

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