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About Cannabinoid Capsules


MGT offers three capsule formulations in different strengths. Patients seeking CBD’s anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects will like the 1:1 capsules. Regular Strength delivers 5 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD; Extra Strength contains double that dose. If cannabinoid capsules are new for you, it’s best to “start low and go slow.” The recommended beginning dose for ingested THC is 2.5 mg.



To reduce a capsule dose, freeze your capsules, then cut in two. Voila, 5 mg. is now 2.5 mg. 

After ingesting your first dose, proceed thoughtfully.  If you don’t feel any effects after 2-3 hours, do NOT take a second dose. Wait a day and slightly increase your second dose by 2.5 mg and note when you feel the effects. Unintentially ingesting too much THC at once can cause anxiety.
THC capsules help manage nausea, pain and stimulate appetite, and at low doses, to relieve anxiety. Delta-8 capsules are a favorite of those seeking daytime relief from nausea, pain and anxiety, reported effects are less psychoactive than THC. For those strugging with insomnia, sleep capsules come in regular and extra strength. MGT’s formulation combines THC with the lesser-known cannabinoid CBN (cannabinol). Taken together, this duo causes drowsiness to help patients drift off to sleep.



Take a sleep capsule two hours before bedtime with a soothing cup of lavender or valerian tea for a calm, restful night.

Dose regulated capsules are a convenient, discreet way to benefit from cannabis therapy, without blowing smoke.